Shareholder Activism

Abbott Cooper offers an unmatched combination of market insight, legal expertise, and practical experience to effectively represent shareholders seeking to actively engage with corporations and boards of directors. Abbott Cooper helps clients develop and implement engagement strategies tailored to their specific objectives and risk appetite, advises clients on compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations (including 13D and other filings) and assists with private engagements, proxy contests, exempt solicitations and “withhold” campaigns, as well as related litigation.

Abbott Cooper has experience across the full spectrum of activist engagements, ranging from private “constructivism” to pitched proxy fights. Abbott Cooper understands the unique considerations faced by investors challenging a board of directors unafraid of spending shareholders’ money to preserve a status quo that benefits them at shareholders’ expense. Abbott Cooper prides itself on a pragmatic approach intended to provide cost effective solutions in furtherance of each client’s specific objectives.

Abbott Cooper possesses specific expertise in activist engagement within the depository institutions sector, advising on compliance with relevant federal and state banking laws and regulations and obtaining necessary approvals from banking regulators.

Abbott Cooper has played an integral role in several notable matters, including:

  • Driver/First Foundation
  • Driver/AmeriServ
  • Driver/First of Long Island
  • Driver/Republic First
  • Driver/Codorus Valley
  • Driver/Community Bankers Trust
  • Driver/American River
  • Driver/First United
  • Driver/DNB Financial

Breach of Fiduciary Duty Litigation

Abbott Cooper seeks to protect shareholders from and hold boards of directors accountable for breaches of fiduciary duty, including in connection with mergers & acquisitions, change of control transactions, “going-private” transactions, corporate waste, executive compensation and takeover and activist defense measures.

Abbott Cooper has extensive experience in protecting the rights of shareholders and challenging corporate actions that infringe on those rights or deprive shareholders of the full value of their investment.

Securities Fraud Litigation

Abbott Cooper fights for investors injured by fraud or other malfeasance perpetrated by corporations, their management teams and/or their advisors, including their accountants, attorneys and investment banks. Abbott Cooper helps individual and institutional investors recover losses caused by securities fraud, whether by pursuing direct, class actions or derivative actions.